In 2003, I set out to establish a global broadcast network for the churches of Christ, basically with only a prayer. The Internet would be the technology that would allow this to happen. This vision was prior to video streaming sites such as Youtube or Vimeo. Most people were still using dial up Internet services. I remember walking into Best Buy and asking a sales rep "How can I attach a video camera to a computer?" Neither the computer department nor the video department could tell me.

Eventually, I pieced enough technology together to make it happen. As the minister of technology at the Mountain View Church of Christ in Dallas, I implemented live streaming video during worship services. The Church of Christ Broadcast Network - COCBN was born. Now we are approaching our 10th year in existence. I can honestly say it has taken this long for the churches to begin embracing this technology.

Services such as Youtube, live streaming services, broadband Internet, lower priced video equipment are some of the things that have made this trek possible. Now churches are beginning to realize the importance and significance of streaming technology.

Over the past 10 years, I have assisted many congregations in various aspects of technology, mostly piecing together missing parts of various functions. After a decade, we are finally at a place to present whole turnkey solutions to help churches build entire technology ministries.

I am very excited about the days and years to come as we set out to help churches of Christ spread the gospel using broadcast and web technology. It is our goal to establish standards and processes that will allow church staff to focus on ministry using our tools as magnifiers of their purpose.

This blog will serve to keep the public aware of new developments, trends, and possibilities in the use of church technology. Please continue to pray for our efforts. Pray that we aid in spreading the light of Christ by uplifting the local congregations' ability to reach the masses. God bless!

Hammond Burke, Director
Church of Christ Broadcast Network - COCBN